Saturday, May 28, 2011

BHS 2011 Graduation

Burbank High seniors brace for the future
Of nearly 600 graduates, a quarter have GPAs of 3.0 or higher.

By Megan O'Neil, Burbank Leader
May 28, 2011

As the first measures of “Pomp and Circumstance” echoed throughout the Starlight Bowl on Friday, a large cheer erupted from the nearly 600 Burbank High School graduates waiting their turn to take to the stage. “It is about time,” said Jeremy Labertew. “It has been a long time coming, 13 years of school and it is finally here. It is like the finale of my life in Burbank.”

The 2011 graduates, sporting cap and gowns in Bulldog blue, and some with tassels and medals indicating special achievements, are among the most accomplished in recent memory, said Principal Bruce Osgood.

The class includes 150 students with grade point averages of 3.0 or higher, and 65 students with grade point averages of 4.0 or higher, the latter statistic a school record, Osgood said.

Class valedictorian Young Hong – who will attend Cal Tech in the fall – told his classmates that they could no longer shirk responsibilities nor hide behind the guise of youth. As adults, they will be responsible for coming up with practical solutions to real problems.“Graduation is not merely a formal ceremony, it is symbolic of our maturity and entrance into adulthood,” Hong said. “The baton has been passed into our hands and it is our responsibility to take part.”

Family members and friends, many bearing bouquets of flowers and balloons, snapped photos as their loved ones mounted the stage.“It is a proud moment,” said Robin Vaughn as her daughter, Magenta Vaughn, prepared to accept her diploma.

The graduates, some still bleary eyed from a trip to Disneyland the night before, said they were sorry to say goodbye, but they’re ready for the future.“You pretty much know a good majority of these people; after tonight, you will not see them again, maybe on Facebook, but you are not going to be as connected as you were in high school,” said Samantha Johnson. “But it is an exciting new chapter of our lives to get started on.”

The Burbank High graduation ceremony was the last for Osgood, who announced in February that he would leave at the end of the school year to be principal at Village Christian School in Sun Valley. READ FULL STORY

Saturday, May 21, 2011

BHS & JBHG Baccalaureate 2011

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 22, 2011 the John Burroughs and Burbank High School Baccalaureate will be at 4 p.m. in the auditorium of John Burroughs High School, 1920 W. Clark Ave. Burbank. The Rev. Wayne Walters of Burbank First United Methodist Church will be the keynote speaker and Paul Clairville of the Westminister Presbyterian Church will give the invocation. Call (818) 640-4891.

Friday, May 20, 2011

BHS & JBHS Concert

On June 11, 2011 Burbank High School and John Burroughs High School perform in a concert benefiting the Burbank Arts For All Foundation in the "All American Show Choir Super Show" at 7 p.m. at the Starlight Bowel Amphiteatre, 1249 Lockheed View Drive, Burbank.

Tickets costs $12 for general admission or $25 for VIP seating. Parking is $8 cash per vehicle. Call (818) 525-3721.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Burbank High School Pop Show

The Burbank High School Pop Show is at 7 tonight, Friday, and Saturday in the school's auditorium, 902 N. Third Street, Burbank. A barbeque will begin at 6.p.m. and will coincide with 10 acts that almost made it into the show. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Student and senior tickets cost $10. Purchase tickets at or call (818) 558-4700.

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Deborah Lee Albas -
Segovia (Steven Andrew) Bader - b. May 25, 1952; d. June 2, 2010
Brian Henry Bartsch - b. June 10, 1952; d. October 9, 2005
Dennis James Canterbury - b. September 22, 1952; d. December 9, 1994
James Anthony Caraway - b. March 23, 1952; d. January 2, 1978
Guy Robert Casagrande - b. July 23, 1952; d. August 9, 2005
Dale Bernard Cordier - d. August 28, 2001
Karl Mordo Dana - b. August 8, 1952; d. June 13, 2000
James Kenneth Dean - b. December 29, 1951; d. April 14, 2008
Alfred Steven Di Sarro - b. December 14, 1951; d. January 13, 2011
Charlene Dotson Stenson - b. April 19, 1952; d. May 9, 2006
Jerry Anthony DuBray - b. September 24, 1952; d. June 19, 1981
David Michael Dudden - b. November 30, 1952; d. September 24, 2007
Santiago Escobar - b. July 4, 1952; d. November 1982
Robert Ian Gorrie - b. December 19, 1951; d. January 6, 2006
David Charles Greene - d. July 1992
Sandra Jean Haldeman - b. November 8, 1951; d. November 4, 1991
Leila Hamner Wasson - b. May 2, 1952; d. October 10, 2008
Michael A. Hansen - b. August 27, 1952; d. November 24, 2008
Debra Jean Hathaway - b. May 18, 1951; d. April 22, 1973
Nancy Rae Helquist - b. July 12, 1952; d. September 2008
Jeanine Ellyn Hilt - b. November 22, 1952; d. August 11, 1993
Sandra Joanne Hoorn - b. May 14, 1952; d. 1994
Tommy Clyde Hopper - b. January 12, 1952; d. November 8, 2009
Steven William Leach - b. February 8, 1952; d. September 26, 1996
Mark Rutherford Lean - b. January 3, 1951; d. April 1, 1974
Lance William Long - b. October 20, 1952; d. March 17, 2008
Keith Ian Olsen Maiben - b. August 31, 1952; d. July 26, 1979
Geraldine Lillian Mann - d. 1971
Jean Ann McMurrin - d. February 25, 2004
Robert Louis McNeal - b. June 29, 1951; d. December 24, 1998
Kristine Ann Meade Reger - b. April 30, 1952; d. June 28, 2006
Dana Molin Allen - b. January 27, 1951; d. March 23, 1996
Harry Andrew Morris - b. June 23, 1952; d. May 16, 1977
Michele Marie Nolan - b. February 2, 1952; d. August 13, 1983
Kim Christopher Norwood - b. July 1, 1951; d. December 20, 2009
Deborah Ann Osmon - b. February 22, 1952; d. October 11, 2010
Tom Fredrick Pittman - b. October 7, 1952; d. May 5, 2011
Gary Douglas Rand - b. April 16, 1951; d. December 17, 2009
Dennis Keith Sabin - b. May 29, 1952; d. January 1, 2007
Anthony Vincent Schiavone - b. October 10, 1952; d. March 13, 1986
Samuel Sanford Smith - b. February 21, 1952; d. March 11, 1986
Kerry David Sterger - b. July 12, 1951; d. March 2, 2006
Christine JoAnne Walsh Ramirez - b. April 23, 1952; d. May 25, 1991

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Burbank High Grad at Equestrian National Championships

Burbank High graduate Becca Murray helped Texas A&M win an equestrian national championship. (Courtesy of Graig Murray)

Murray takes reins for national champion

Burbank Leader, Jeff Tully

Burbank High graduate shines on center stage at Equestrian National Championships for Texas A&M, clinching title.

Becca Murray got her first taste of collegiate national championship competition as a freshman last season at Texas A&M University. However, as some her teammates were busy winning a title at the Varsity Equestrian National Championships, Murray wasn't chosen as one of the Aggies' riders and didn't get the opportunity to compete.

"Even though I didn't compete last year, it was kind of nice to be able to just watch everybody and see what happens at the competition," said Murray, a 2009 Burbank High graduate. "I helped out a lot and I was able to warm up horses. It was nice to be there supporting our team and seeing what it was all about."

This season, Texas A&M's western team again made its way to the championship event — the 10th Varsity Equestrian National Championships April 14-16 at Waco's Extraco Events Center in Texas. But instead of watching from the sideline, Murray, a sophomore, got her chance to shine as a participant at the event.

"I definitely felt more prepared this year after watching last year," Murray said.
Murray didn't disappoint. As a matter of fact, she came through with the decisive win in the reining competition that put the No. 1-ranked Aggies over the top in a 5-3 victory against Kansas State.

It was Texas A&M's third straight national championship and ninth in the history of the program since the national event began in 1999.

Murray said being able to compete, and to win her event, was thrilling.
"It feels pretty amazing," she said. "I really, truly can't believe that we were able to win it. For the school to win its ninth title is incredible."